Project Results

PR1: Training Course Development, Piloting Activities on food waste management and Toolkit Development for Teachers from Secondary Schools

Project partners have already conducted research related to food waste management practices in secondary schools, having distributed a total number of 310 questionnaires to students, aged 12-15, across the partners’ countries asking for their knowledge on food waste management. Therefore, project partners, having identified the students’ knowledge gap and the necessity for providing support and guidance over the food waste management subject, decided to proceed with the development and implementation of two project results. Therefore, project partners are going to develop a training course and its experimentation through piloting activities into the partners’ countries along with an evaluation process based on defined evaluation criteria. The training course aims to train and empower teachers from secondary schools in order to use and exploit it for training their students.

PR1 – Training Course in Bulgarian

PR1 – Training Course in English

PR1 – Training Course in Greek

PR1 – Training Course in Macedonian


PR2: Documentation and policy brief recommendations development relevant to food waste management for NGOs and Policy Makers

Several experts/trainers, team leaders and NGOs staff members will be involved in creation of this project result. Project partners will develop context and will prepare themselves for new working sessions before each of the planned short-term joint staff training events for creation of this PR. For the purposes of this PR, project partners will conduct a concrete and detailed policy brief documentation with a summary of the project’s discussed issues, easy to use, clear and detailed, providing the project’s objectives, the learning outcomes, specific methodologies, formal reports based on the involved teachers’ evaluation upon the training course, assisting further the school community including teachers from other schools, regions and countries, adult educators, VET trainers and instructors, policy makers and stakeholders to understand and adopt food waste management practices. Staff members jointly with the project’s teachers and school representatives will develop a well-conducted and structured policy brief that it is expected to support project’s target group and communicate project’s results.

PR2 – Documentation in Bulgarian

PR2 – Documentation in English

PR2 – Documentation in Greek

PR2 – Documentation in Macedonian