9th Junior High School of Larissa


Name of  project partner: 9th Junior High School of Larissa


  1. Description of our organization

9th Junior   High School of Larissa was established   in 1981.Ιt is located in the city of Larissa which has a population of about 200,000.  It is a Public Secondary School with native and foreign students. The school has 300 students divided into 12 classes, 4 in each grade. Attendance at school lasts 3 years.

School staff   includes   the   headmistress, two Deputy   heads, 37 teachers of various specialties, administrative and auxiliary staff.

The school has 2 computer labs, 1 Physics-Chemistry laboratory, a Technology room, a multipurpose room and a lending library rich in book titles.

The main purpose  of our school  is   to help  our  students  make the  gaining  of  knowledge  a  pleasurable  experience   through  a  variety  of  programs  ( environmental, cultural   and  health  education  ones ).  In   addition  to  this, we  are  also   interested  in  developing    our  students   personality  and   achieving  the  improvement  of  their  spiritual  and  mental    evolution.

The main goal of our school is to inculcate in the students the right values: respect  for other people and environment,  offering, volunteering,  solidarity,  and tolerance for people of other religions and races.

Our vision is to make school safe for all, inclusive, digital, with emphasis on proper interpersonal relationships, a school of joy and creativity, a school which respects Democracy, human rights and environment.

Every year programs of extra – curricular activities and specific actions are implemented in the context of anniversaries, historical events and tributes.

Our school participates in school competitions and organizes school trips considering that knowledge is acquired not only in the classroom, but outdoors as well (experiential learning)

9th   Junior  High School of Larissa is a school open to society, collaborates  with  all structures of education,  students’  parents  and  social   institutions,  aims  at   cultivating  a   positive  climate    in  the  school   community  through  the   activities   and   the   programs   it   carries  out.

It has a fully updated website that helps to inform our students, to communicate with their parents, to disseminate information and share good examples.


  • Perpetual update  of  building  infrastructure  and digital equipment
  • Participation in competitions (language, mathematics, art)
  • Participation in Erasmus programs
  • Participation in voluntary   work  of social  interest
  • Participation in recycling programs
  • Organization of educational visits ( school  trips)


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  1. E-mail: mail@9gym-laris.lar.sch.gr/


Phone: +302410236605


Νame of contact person: Roula Palaiomicha