First transnational project meeting – Kick-off

The kick-off meeting of project ‘Save 4 Waste’, acronym:  S4W was held on the 1st of April 2022 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. The responsible partner for organization of the meeting was the Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (CSEG) as an applicant organization. The project started officially in January 2022 and has duration of 24 months.


The goals of the first project partner meeting (PP meeting) were:

  • presentation of project partners
  • establishing of three Transnational teams on project level;
  • presentation of administrative and financial rules of ERASMUS + program;
  • determination of individual responsibilities and tasks for each project partner;
  • determination of detailed dynamic plan;
  • establishing of rules for communication and dissemination;
  • determination of reporting procedures for realized activities.


Participants: All local members of PPs teams from Bulgaria and Team leaders and members of Transnational Project Teams from each PP from Greece, and North Macedonia.