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The Association for support of economic development – Local action group – Kochani (NGO LAG) has been legally registered in 2011. It has been formed under LEADER + programme rules and its founding participants are representatives from public, business and NGO sector in municipality of Kochani.

Its mission is to support the economic development in the municipality of Kochani in all possible ways that might emerge as a result of the possibilities offered at the area of donor organizations, institutions as well as business sector.

The NGO LAG members are very active in the Association and work in different areas and levels during the project application process. There is no regular paid staff in the association, and for each project we choose a team according to hers/his competences. Presently (at the beginning of the year 2023) Association has 35 active members and also over 40 voluntaries. Many of the members are secondary school students, that are joining activities in which NGO LAG is participating (mostly project from the interest of the local community)

The NGO LAG has conducted many projects in different areas and most of them are ERASMUS + program projects.


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Marija Velichkova