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Professor Ivan Batakliev Lower Secondary School was established in 1897 by the prominent Bulgarian revivalists Dr. Peter Beron and Aleksandar Ekzarh. It has a rich history and in his annals are the names of pedagogues with a high civic sense of responsibility and professionalism, guardians of the development of Bulgarian school. Our school is situated in the center of the town of Pazardzhik, enjoys authority and is preferred by students and parents. At present 557 students, aged 7 to 14, study at the school. A director, an assistant director and 46 highly-qualified and experienced teachers work at the school – teachers who have proven their professionalism and who use a great deal of ambition and creativity in the process of teaching. The school has Parents’ Board, Student Council and Pubic Council, which support and actively participate in the activities and projects carried out at school. The school has extensive experience in creating and implementing projects, some of which under the European program Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2. In 2017 the school applied and received from the Ministry of Education and Science the opportunity to develop as an innovative school, which has become one of its main priorities. Our school has a highly qualified and experienced team to work on the implementation and management of this project, as well as the necessary technical equipment. The school has a computer room with terminal server, a multimedia player at each classroom, a classroom with Asus Transformer Book – hybrid tablets for students and teachers, two interactive whiteboards 75 ‘, 3D Printer and scanner Da Vinci F1, professional MR, robot Robotics – Tagged “MOVE mini & Accessories, suitable for autonomous work, projects for remote control via Bluetooth, micro bit- 5 x 5 LED matrix. Most of the teachers work with electronic student’s books, workbooks, electronic data management and storage system.


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Mariya Bonova