Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

The Activity “Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils” within Save4Waste project took place in Bulgaria from May 7th to May 13th, 2023 and it was hosted by Primary school “Prof. Ivan Batakliev” in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. The event involved 9 pupils, 3 pupils of the winning team from each school, and a teacher from each school who accompanied the students, as well as an expert from each participating NGO. The main activity of the event was to present the achievements of the students during the C3 activity “Long-term teaching assignment”, which focused on theory and practical composting plants, as well as the advantages of the food waste management training course provided by the teachers of each school. Additionally, the students gained work-based experience in transnational cooperation by working in groups with pupils from other countries.

Each transnational students team was working on their new waste management project on topics like food waste management, separate collection, and composting.

At the end of the session, the 3 mixed transnational teams presented their works. They could be found on the following links:

Work from the transnational team “The Green Team”:

Work from the transnational team “The Team Eco-Life”:

Work from the transnational team “The Tulip team”:

The teachers from the 3 pilot schools, as well as experts from the 3 NGOs were tutoring the little experts on their food waste management projects. Overall, the event aimed to foster international cooperation, exchange knowledge, and to develop practical skills in composting, waste management, and related areas among students.